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Statutory Applications Guidance Notes

An Architect can provide a range of professional services including acting as an agent for applications for Planning Permission and Building Warrant. This includes pre-application enquiries and discussions to clarify issues before submitting applications. Professionally prepared drawings and specifications will greatly assist the application process and can therefore save time. An Architect will also liaise as necessary with other consultants whose services may be required, e.g. structural engineer, energy consultant.

However, it is often the case that an Architect is only engaged to provide professional services until Planning Permission and Building Warrant have been granted, following which applicants may choose to manage their projects themselves. Thereafter, in the absence of an Architect acting as agent, it is essential that applicants understand their continuing responsibilities with regard to Planning Permission and Building Warrant.

These may be summarised as follows :

Planning Permission

  • Check all conditions forming part of the approval documents.
  • Write to Planning to discharge any conditions which must be agreed prior to commencement, e.g. method of disposal of excavated materials off site.
  • Notify Planning regarding commencement on site.
  • Notify Planning when the development is complete.

Building Warrant

  • If a SER Certificate forms part of the approval documents any outstanding structural items identified in the schedule attached to the certificate should be dealt with as soon as the relevant information is available, e.g. roof truss details. The information should be submitted to the structural engineer who issued the SER Certificate. When the structural engineer has checked the information and is satisfied with it Form Q will be completed and signed, following which it should be submitted to Building Standards.
  • Notice A should be submitted to Building Standards prior to commencement on site.
  • Notices B, C and D should be submitted to Building Standards at appropriate stages as the work progresses on site.
  • When the building is complete a Completion Certificate should be submitted to Building Standards. It is essential that all relevant items on the checklist are included in the submission. The required certificates will have to be issued by suitably qualified persons, e.g. SELECT registered electrical contractor, structural engineer, energy consultant.
  • Building Standards will then inspect the completed building and issue a Notice of Acceptance of Completion Certificate, or a list of items to be satisfactorily completed before a Notice of Acceptance of Completion Certificate can be issued.

In the event of incomplete or unsatisfactory items being identified these should be dealt with and Building Standards informed in order that a further inspection may be carried out to enable a Notice of Acceptance of Completion Certificate to be issued.